Intro page – Colloquial Indonesian


This module of six lessons is for people who know formal, standard Indonesian fairly well but do not yet know colloquial Indonesian.

It aims to equip you with a good enough reading knowledge to enjoy a vast range of colloquial texts.

Learning to read colloquial Indonesian is also a huge step towards being able to speak it. All the colloquial features taught in this module (except spelling) are used in the spoken colloquial language as well.

This module focuses solely on Jakartan Indonesian: the most prominent and widely understood variety of colloquial Indonesian.

The lessons

Each lesson builds on the one before it. This is the sequence to follow:

1. Basic colloquial features: Presentation

2. Basic colloquial features: Practice exercise

3. Colloquial prefixes on verbs: Presentation

4. Colloquial prefixes on verbs: Practice Exercise

5. Emotive particles: Presentation

6. Emotive particles: Practice exercise